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Our team of highly-skilled physicians utilizes advanced technology and state-of-the-art medical equipment and techniques to provide vast options for healing while offering attentive and personalized care.


Digital X-Ray

To maximize patient care and efficiency, BROC operates direct digital X-ray systems at each of our Orthopaedic Clinics.

Direct digital X-ray allows our trained and professional technicians to complete your scan in seconds and to electronically and simultaneously transfer the images to your physician for review and analysis.

Digital X-ray technology produces a higher image quality and resolution, providing better diagnostic capabilities to your physician. This system also minimizes risks to patients.


The Baton Rouge Orthopaedic Clinic operates two MRI units to meet the specific needs of our patients.

The Siemens Altea is a 1.5T Wide Bore magnet that can accommodate most patients comfortably, and scans are tailored to the specifications of our physicians. 

BROC now offers MRI scans using our wide bore High Field MRI. Scans are tailored to the specifications of our physicians.

Siemens Altea
BROC DME Durable Medical Equipment


Our Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is Located at Our Main Bluebonnet Campus.

DME is a durable medical equipment supplier which caters to the convenience of our patients who require crutches, ankle, hip, and back braces, walkers, post-surgical walking boots and footwear, along with other specialized durable medical equipment to expedite your recovery. The DME department handles the billing to your medical insurance carrier for covered items. In many cases, these specialized devices and equipment can be delivered to you at the time of your surgical procedure.

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Our Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Centers offer specialized therapy services to patients in direct coordination with our physicians' protocols.

Our experienced and certified therapists provide expert care utilizing the latest advancements in rehabilitation. Physicians communicate frequently with therapists to produce superior patient outcomes. Our integrated technologies provide patients with efficient and accurate insurance and billing processes. We have multiple locations for your convenience, so please speak with a clinic representative to determine the location most appropriate for you.

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BROC Physical Therapy

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Our highly skilled physicians utilize advanced technology and state of the art medical equipment and techniques to enhance the healing process.