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During 2023, the BROC Foundation (“Foundation”) maintained its focus and mission by providing health care education, injury prevention, and medical treatment to the regional community. 

Annual Report 2023

Our Athletic Training Outreach Program provided nationally certified and state-licensed athletic trainers to multiple high schools and youth sports organizations and grew outward to new parishes and schools. It should be noted that 100% of our high schools became nationally recognized “Safe Sports Schools” through the National Athletic Trainers Association. Our athletic trainers have been instrumental in covering regional and high school athletic events and club sporting activities across several parishes. Of note, nine of our twelve high schools still qualify under the “Title 1” education program. Along with physician oversight, the Foundation’s staff members provided coverage at a completely free “Friday Night Football Clinic,” where we evaluated and treated 36 high school student-athletes. This year we also held our 3rd Annual “Game Day Prep Physical Day”. With the help of over 75 Foundation volunteers, we were able to provide 796 free athletic physicals to student-athletes from across the region, in one day! And during what we call “Physical Season”, we provided more than 2800 free physicals to athletes across our community at their home school.

The Foundation also maintained connectivity with students by providing daily orthopedic assessments and rehabilitation on their campuses, covering approximately 17,000 student-athletes- including full-time care and coverage at both Southern University and Baton Rouge Community College; along with the addition of approximately 1,500 student-athletes within the Baton Rouge Soccer Club Association.

Through the contributions of our community partners, the Foundation can provide this service at reduced or no charge to the participating schools and youth organizations. This past year alone, we provided over $13,000 in free MRIs and physician appointments specifically to the underinsured population. By providing full-time athletic trainers on these campuses, we allow for better patient care and education for each participating organization and community.

During the summer of 2023, the BROC Foundation athletic training staff covered the US Youth Soccer Association’s Southern Regional Championship. During one of the hottest weeks of the year, almost 4,000 soccer players from the region descended upon Baton Rouge. While here, they experience exceptional healthcare, to which the CEO of US Youth Soccer proclaimed it was the most efficiently run tournament as it pertained to the care of the kids.

Our local physical therapy clinics and hospitals continue to be integral contributors to this program while providing superior access to patient care because of the Foundation’s presence on their local community campuses.

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Donating to the BROC Foundation helps ensure athletic trainers on these campuses, quality of care and education for the young athletes and organizations we serve.